Many motorcycle accidents result from other drivers’ failure or unwillingness to share the road with a motorcycle. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, please contact The Haden Law Office.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Louisville, Kentucky

Involved in a motorcycle accident? The Haden Law Office can help

There are few things more enjoyable than an open road stretched before you while riding your motorcycle – wind in your hair and big sky ahead. But an accident can be difficult to deal with, especially as lost income and medical bills start to add up. You may have a case for compensation, and we’re here to help assess your options and get you the compensation you deserve. We will get you answers you need and help navigate the choices and options before you during your motorcycle accident case.

Answers to your motorcycle accident questions

Motorcycle accidents can be frustrating & overwhelming.  The legal paperwork and process that follows can be difficult to understand and harder to deal with. You probably have questions. That’s why we’re here.

Some common motorcycle accident questions

Many times people involved in a motorcycle accident have questions. As with all our clients, we take the time to explain the answers to these questions in a way that is straightforward and easy to understand.

  • Do I have a case?
  • What is my case worth?
  • Do I need an attorney?
  • Who pays my medical bills?
  • How much does it cost?

We can answer these questions and many more. As with any accident or injury, it is important to act fast. The sooner you call our firm, the sooner we can get to work for you.

Motorcycle accidents are different from other injuries

Motorcycle riders are in a uniquely vulnerable position. Being exposed to the open road with no safety restraints and airbags, people involved in motorcycle accidents frequently suffer from serious injuries.

We handle many accident types:

  • Distracted Drivers
  • Bad Road Conditions
  • Tire Blowout
  • Passenger Injuries
  • Drunk Drivers
  • Work Zone Accidents
  • Hit-and-Run
  • Product Defects

For many years, Attorney Haden has helped motorcycle accident victims fight to recover the compensation they deserve.

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If you or a loved one has suffered a motorcycle accident injury due to the negligence of a driver on a road anywhere in Kentucky, please contact The Haden Law Office. We will review your case at no charge.

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The Haden Law Office is proud to represent victims injured in motorcycle accidents throughout Kentucky, including Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, Owensboro, Florence, Georgetown, Henderson, Elizabethtown, Ashland, Pikeville, Frankfort, and Paducah.