Have you or your business’s reputation been damaged as a result of someone else making false statements about you? If so, you may recover financial compensation through a defamation claim. Please contact The Haden Law Office to discuss your rights.

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As Americans, one of our greatest freedoms is the freedom of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment. Notwithstanding that freedom, some words do more than offend or hurt feelings. Some words actually cause damage.  Some people communicate with the intent to cause you personal harm or adversely impact your business. Those types of communications are considered defamation and are not protected forms of speech under the First Amendment.

Defamation includes both libel (defamatory writings) and slander (defamatory statements). Defamation can be personal, or about your business. As a Kentucky libel attorney, Attorney Haden knows reputation is an important part of his law practice. Because his reputation is so important to him, Attorney Haden understands how important your reputation is to you. The Haden Law Office will fight diligently to protect your reputation and work to recover financial compensation from those whose defamation causes harm you or your business.

Definition of defamation

Defamation has a very specific legal definition. The elements of defamation are:

  1. A false and defamatory statement of fact
  2. Regarding the plaintiff
  3. Which is published to a third party and
  4. Results in injury to the plaintiff.

The law does not guard against just any publication, but only publications that are false and actually cause harm. Defamation law is strongest when relating to private individuals and intentionally false statements. Defamation law tends to be weaker when unintentional or negligent statements about public figures are involved.

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